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Name:A Dub's Guide to Dublin
Location:Dublin, Ireland
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Community description:A tourist guide to Dublin, with the gory bits left in.
This is a guide to Dublin written by a Dubliner, one that's not trying to sell you anything.

Dublin is variously described as modern cosmopolitan city of culture graced with wide Georgian parades and a charming people, and a festering cesspool of swearing, litter, and bad roads; the truth lies somewhere in between. Much like that smelly yet engaging homeless guy that lives in Temple Bar, it's got character and you can't help but be fond of it.

It's written by [personal profile] nacbrie, an impoverished student of Trinity College Dublin who can't get through a 9 a.m. lecture without a 'medicinal' latte (which, come to think of it, probably explains why she's impoverished). She got so annoyed that all the 'tourist guides' were just ad copy and devoid of useful information that she wrote her own. And here it is.

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